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Valeriano Bernal

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"Tengo una pena negra
que me desgarra
y que sólo se cura
con la guitarra"

(Manuel Barbadillo)


Only experience and knowledge can teach one to select the best wood
and shape it into a universal profile that sustains six cords and forms an
instrument of magical sound.
Valeriano Bernal, heir of ancient traditions, the origins of which have been
lost in time, constructs his guitars preserving methods that make his
instruments true works of art. His wise hands work with precision, order
and patience in order to keep this instrument´s magic alive.
The world´s greatest artists, masters and professors are already using his
guitars and it is not in vain.
From here we invite you to get better acquainted with this ancient art,
hoping that it will fascinate you as much as it does us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.



Shop / Workshop  Algodonales:

c/ Ubrique 8, 116080 Algodonales (Cádiz)
Teléfono: +34
956 13 72 80 /
Movil: +34-609 51 92 44
Fax: +34 956 13 72 80




Shop Madrid: 

Calle Ayala, 105
Telefono: +34 911 16 33 96
web: www.valerianobernalmadrid.com

e-mail: contacto@valerianobernalmadrid.com


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